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Silicone Fluid
【Name】Silicone Fluid
【Product details】


Methyl Hydrogen silicone Fluid 202

Chemical name:Polymethylhydrosiloxane CAS no:63148-57-2

Product performance 
Favorable film-forming property;
It reacts with HO or R-OH and gives off H2 under the condition of existence of alkali or lewis acid;
It reacts with alkenyl compounds easily under the condition of existence of Pt-Cr compounds;
When T﹥50℃, it reacts with compounds with epoxy group;
Main uses
1. Antifouling, oil-proofing and water-proofing agent for ceramics
2. Important intermediate for synthesizing modified silicone oils and silicone rubber
3. Water-proofing agent and softening agent for natural and synthesizing fiber fabrics, silks, and leathers
4. Water-proofing agent and anti-sticking agent for paper
5. Softener for glass fiber
6. Water repellent agent and lubricant for cosmetics.
Packing, storage, and transportation: 
The product is packed by 100kg or 200kg plastic drum, , or 5kg, 20kg, or 50kg PE plastic drum.
Keep in clean and closed container
Keep in cool and dry place. To protect from direct sunlight. Shelf life is half a year.
To transport as non-dangerous products.




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